AT, HT, MT or SUV tires? Understand

Tires are very important parts in a vehicle, being responsible for safety, comfort and driving quality, especially since they are the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground. Find more here: best tires for SUVs

When choosing a tire, we come across several different type sand models, and you should also consider the type of terrain that will be used,whether on asphalt, trails, mud and among others.

In the case of vans, we can find four different types, which are: AT (All Terrain), HT (Highway Terrain), MT (Mud Terrain) and the SUV.

In this post, we will explain the differences of each one of them, so you will be able to choose more easily and accurately which is the most suitable for your use. Check it all out below!

AT - All Terrain tires

This type of tire is made for all types of terrain,generating a balanced performance in each of them, being suitable for routes that have variations in the terrain, such as asphalt stretches with dirt road stretches.

The AT tire is more used to run on asphalt, as it has greater durability, containing more reinforced sides and deeper grooves.

HT - Highway Terrain tires

HT tires are more suitable for those who only walk on asphalt, as it has a high durability and contains smaller sides compared to ATand MT, which creates the feeling of greater comfort, in addition, the grooves are smaller, which generate less asphalt noise.

Depending on the brand, this type of tire also performs well on a wet track, ensuring good grip with the track and avoiding aquaplaning.

MT Tires - Mud Terrain

MT tires are suitable for running on land, allowing them to be used in stretches of mud and mud too, where great performance is generated by their strength and depth of the grooves.

The tire walls are further reinforced to support stones and other obstacles that may appear on the way, in addition, they have good traction and floats in all off-road conditions.

MT tires can also be used on asphalt, however they can generate a higher fuel expense due to the weight and not being designed exclusively for asphalt.

SUV tires

SUV tires are designed exclusively for asphalt and can be used with both dry and wet roads. This type of tire is highly indicated for drivers who use a lot of highways and BR's, because on asphalt they can reach and support a speed higher than the other types mentioned above.

Why are SUV tires better for riding on tracks?

SUV tires are more suitable for tracks because they were exclusively designed for them, which through their resistance and durability,can reach higher speeds, which saves time and reduces other costs.

The SUV type is highly comfortable and quiet on the tracks,which improves comfort and driving quality, generating better performance and safety.